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Martin, who becomes a regular contributor to the Globe and Mail's Comment page, refers obliquely to the firing in a Feb. 12, 2004 column about former prime minister Jean Chrétien, Liberal Party ethics and the sponsorship program scandal:

"Equipped with so much power, those close to Mr. Chrétien could bend the system to his will, knowing he would approve. If someone got in his way he could take them out, whether it was journalists reporting on Shawinigate (his office, I'm told, pushed for my dismissal from one job) or public officials who sought to challenge him."

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"Elmenyawi received a letter from then Editorial Page editor Peter Hadekel informing him the Board of Contributors had been terminated, but he'd be welcome to contribute 'two or three' pieces a year," the Globe and Mail reported in a Dec. 21, 2001 story on the CanWest tempests. "Elmenyawi recently asked the Gazette if he could write on the new anti-terrorist Bill C36. His letter has gone unanswered.

" 'I don't expect I'll be writing anything for the Gazette anymore,' he said in an interview. 'I suspect the Muslim approach and point of view is no longer welcome.' "

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(The fugitive web site contains a compilation of local, national and international media coverage of the controversial CanWest policies, as well as letters to the editor at newspapers coast-to-coast. Although many of the links no longer work, it remains an impressive list that serves as proof that this was not – as the Aspers would have it – somewhat of a tempest in a teapot.)

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Jan. 4
January Doug Cuthand, a columnist with the Saskatoon StarPhoenix and Regina Leader-Post, writes a column comparing the Indian quest for nationhood with that of the Palestinians. Deeming it "historically inaccurate," editors spike it.
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Coverage and Reaction:

CBC | Rex Murphy (Point of View Commentary)

TNG Canada

Media magazine (Canadian Association of Journalists)

June 19 Globe and Mail publishes Russell Mills' first-person commentary on the firing, which is reprinted on the Workopolis.com web site.
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Your Media web site makes its public debut.

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