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12 May 2011
Arnold Amber bows out;
2 contend for leader of CWA Canada

The emergence today of two contenders for Director of CWA Canada both triggers an election for the position and confirms that Arnold Amber is stepping down as leader of the union.   »»

Martin O'Hanlon ::: Ron Carroll

UPDATE 28 June 2011
Voting period extended to July 22


27 May 2011
Ad agency crew makes 'healthy' gains in 3-year deal
Two days at the bargaining table achieved what two years of countless notes in the company suggestion box couldn't for employees of Brooks Marketing Resources.   »»

Ed Stewart photo
Photo: Project team launches GreatWhig campaign
The team launched the campaign at a news conference in Kingston this morning. From left: Martin O'Hanlon, project initiator and CWA Canada deputy director; Kingston writer Jamie Swift; project manager Alec Ross; CWA Canada Director Arnold Amber; and Paul Schliesmann, Whig-Standard reporter and vice-president of the Kingston Typographical Union.

24 May 2011
Kingston campaign aims to restore
Whig-Standard's greatness

It's a project the size and likes of which CWA Canada has never before undertaken. The mission? To enjoin an entire community in a campaign to pressure a corporate media giant to restore the quality of its daily newspaper.
An advertising blitz that heralds the launch today of the ambitious multi-media campaign is sure to make the Kingston Whig-Standard the talk of the town, which some time ago dubbed its once highly regarded publication the "Sub" Standard. The message to "Make It Great!" will emanate from billboards, transit ads, radio spots, flyers, the website and a Facebook fan page.

16 May 2011
Deadline deal averts strike at Windsor Star
A tentative deal reached between three unions and the Windsor Star mere minutes ahead of a Friday midnight strike deadline scored all-around thumbs up in ratification votes yesterday.   »»

Big John logo 12 May 2011
Employees form union
at MBS radio in Saint John

The majority of employees at three Saint John radio stations have signed cards to join the Canadian Media Guild (CMG). The stations are K-100, 98.9 Big John FM and 93 CFBC, all owned by Maritime Broadcasting System (MBS).   »»

11 May 2011
Moncton Local 'treads water' with new 5-year contract
Unionized employees in the newsroom and pressroom at the Moncton Times & Transcript are about to sign a new five-year collective agreement with the Irving-owned daily.   »»

Canadian journalist Dorothy Parvaz released by Iran

Graphic: Free Dorothy CBC NEWS 17 May 2011
Iran accuses journalist

Missing Al Jazeera reporter deported to Iran

07 May 2011
Union members urged to pressure Syria to release Canadian journalist
The Newspaper Guild and CWA Canada are urging members to put pressure on Syria to release a Canadian journalist seized a week ago when she attempted to enter the country to cover anti-government protests.   »»

04 May 2011
$2.5-million pay-equity plan approved for Gazette workers
A pay-equity plan that has finally been approved at The Gazette will see about $2.5 million in back pay and penalties doled out to workers.   »»

02 May 2011
School infects students with organizing bug
CWA Canada is being accused of causing an infection, but it's one the union hopes will spread to workplaces far and wide. That, after all, was the whole point of the Organizing School held over three days in Toronto.   »»


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