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News Releases

16.11.24 |  Postmedia execs must return bonuses: media union

16.11.17 |  CWA Canada urges withdrawal of pensions Bill C-27

16.11.09 |  O'Hanlon: Herald continues its union-busting campaign of lies and distortion

16.11.07 |  Halifax Local to file unfair labour practice complaint

16.11.05 |  Herald walks away from talks with striking newsroom workers

16.10.20 |  More job cuts won’t solve Postmedia’s problems

16.06.01 |  Newsroom strike talks break down

16.04.27 |  Lies and Damned Lies: Mark Lever and the Herald strike

16.04.11 |  CWA Canada condemns Herald refugee story

16.04.10 |  Enough is enough: Striking journalists lambaste Herald for racist story

16.04.05 |  Herald demands capitulation before resuming talks

16.03.11 |  Herald refuses to return to table, won’t budge from drastic demands

16.03.07 |  HTU: Pay equity an issue on International Women's Day

16.01.19 |  Feds must take action on Postmedia monopoly

16.01.14 |  Troubling Postmedia financial news puts journalism at risk


15.11.05 |  Trudeau must demand changes to ‘damaging’ TPP: Trade Justice Groups

15.10.05 |  The TPP is not a done deal ...

15.06.17 |  75% of Canadians have never heard of major “TPP” trade deal being negotiated in secret

15.03.08|  ‘Lousy deal’ ends two-week lockout of Halifax pressroom

15.02.21|  Union outraged at pressroom lockout after concessions offered


11.10.19|  Let's hope sale of Victoria Times Colonist means better days ahead for local jobs, journalism


10.07.13|  Union hopes new owners of Canwest papers see value in good journalism

10.05.10|  Purchase of Canwest papers affirms union's faith in industry's future

10.01.18|  CWA Canada welcomes media veterans' bid for 3 Canwest papers

10.01.08|  CWA Canada wants Canwest newspapers to survive, thrive


09.10.30|  Campaign growing to save free TV signals in small-town Canada

09.10.06|  Global TV's bankruptcy protection not a shield for other Canwest employees, union warns

09.06.25|  Newspaper chains could reverse readership losses by restoring local content, embracing community

09.06.15|  CWA Canada maps strategy to deal with Canwest’s request for concessions

09.06.12|  Canwest unions being asked to consider concessions

09.01.14|  Union concerned about impacts of growing media crisis


08.11.12|  Union fears CanWest job cuts will send newspapers into downward spiral


07.12.17|  Struggle for free expression comes with deadly price tag

07.11.14|  CJFE hails court ruling as important advance for press freedom in Canada

07.07.17|  Canadian members of CWA, Steelworkers form alliance

07.06.01|  CWA Canada sounds alarm as Quebecor swallows Osprey newspaper chain

07.04.17|  Canadian media union calls on Palestinian leader to help secure release of captive BBC journalist


06.07.17|  CWA creates new Canadian Region; fight for seat on executive board continues

06.06.21|  SENATE MEDIA REPORT / TNG Canada calls for a media watchdog with teeth

06.03.13|  TNG-CWA continues drive for buyout of 'worker friendly' newspapers

06.02.22|  Osprey targets union members in newspaper job cuts

06.02.13|  Guild campaign targets Osprey's elimination of local newspaper jobs


05.12.22|  'Worker friendly' buyout of Knight Ridder newspapers under consideration

05.11.24|  MEDIA CONCENTRATION STUDY / Addendum to TNG Canada brief examines editorial staffing levels

05.05.30|  Safeguard Canadian Press, ban media cross-ownership, cap chain holdings, TNG Canada urges Senate probe

05.03.02|  Guild accuses Schneider Foods of breaking Ontario law


04.01.22|  Newspaper Guild-CWA condemns 'police state' tactics in raid on Ottawa reporter's home, office

04.03.17|  TNG Canada unleashes Your Media watchdog: the site with bite!


02.02.20|  Guild calls on CanWest Global to change policies in name of Public Trust