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2014 News Archives

Stacie Barrowman

CWeh! Canada subscriber
wins what she wanted
for Christmas

Stacie Barrowman (centre) was the lucky winner of an iPad in our eNewsletter subscriber draw. The part-time Reader Sales & Service employee at The Ottawa Citizen was presented with her prize by CWA Canada President Martin O'Hanlon and Debbie Cole, President of the Ottawa Newspaper Guild.
The CWeh! Canada subscriber was thrilled to win the iPad. "I was going to ask for one for Christmas. Now I don't need to."

14.12.08|  Members at Montreal Gazette ratify new deal

14.11.30|  Union sacrifice saves jobs, but Halifax newsroom hit hard

14.11.03|  Montreal Gazette workers to hold strike vote

14.11.03|  Union hopes to reduce newsroom layoffs in Halifax

14.10.07|  Ryerson j-school grad wins Newspaper Guild’s Barr Award

14.10.06|  CWA Canada calls Postmedia-Quebecor deal ‘troubling, puzzling’

14.09.10|  Gleaner reporter claims golden New Journalist Award

14.09.05|  Social Forum panel explores indie media funding

14.09.03|  Education guru Saxberg stepping down as Canada East VP

14.07.22|  Deal at Sudbury Star sees modest increases

Photo: Fred Chartrand
OFFICIAL KICKOFF: Carmel Smyth, national president of the Canadian Media Guild, Martin O'Hanlon (centre), president of CWA Canada, and Canadian Labour Congress President Hassan Yussuff attended a rally in Ottawa on June 18 that launched a 15-month campaign to save the CBC. The leaders of Canada's largest public-sector and private-sector unions were also on hand to lend their support in the mission to make stable funding for the public broadcaster a 2015 federal election issue.

14.05.27|  Saint John 7 reach deal after 2 years on picket line

14.05.13|  More Sun Media cuts ‘slap in face to communities’

14.05.11|  CBC, Tyee reporters share Labour Reporting Award

14.05.09|  MBS strike now a lockout as work stoppage continues

Delegates to the CWA Canada National Representative Council meeting held in Vancouver April 25-27
show off the media union's vibrant new T-shirts that will ensure member activists stand out in any crowd.

14.04.26|  Bursary-winning essays see unions as key to young workers’ security

14.04.10|  CBC cuts bad for ‘journalism, economy, society’

14.04.08|  Campus labour disputes challenge for student journalists

14.03.31|  Crackdown on unpaid internships a positive step, but collective struggle must continue

14.03.28|  Labour ministry move against illegal internships ‘long overdue’

14.02.18|  Conservatives ditch anti-democratic voting rules in legislative attack on unions

14.02.07|  Harper fast-tracking legislation that would impose ‘outrageous, fundamentally unfair’ voting rules on unions

14.01.28|  3 Alberta compositors tally 120+ years of union service

14.01.16|  Alberta’s Bill 45 an ‘assault on free speech’

14.01.03|  Winning the Fight for Fairness: What Will You Do in 2014?


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