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2013 News Archives

13.12.10|  Death of retired CTV Ottawa news anchor shocks former colleagues, community

13.12.05|  New CUP/CWA Canada partnership takes 'harm reduction' approach to internships J-source.ca

13.12.04|  Sun Media hits new low with latest round of Christmas cuts

13.11.22|  Bill C-461: A Threat to Canada’s Public Broadcaster

13.11.19|  Thousands of cuts in the media industry

13.11.14|  Media-savvy retirees eager to fight for social justice

13.10.18|  Saint John Local wins union jurisdiction battle

13.09.17|  Organizer offers media freelancers path to fairness, respect

Photo: David Bosveld
Photo: Labour Day parade in Toronto
The Canadian Media Guild, CWA Canada's largest Local, marched in Toronto's Labour Day parade. See slideshow

13.08.29|  Labour Day 2013: Let's talk about fairness

13.07.16|  Sun Media continues death by 1,000 cuts, abandoning quality jobs and journalism

13.06.25|  Saint John 7 'celebrate' one year on strike against MBS Radio

13.05.31|  Harper ignores outrage of 200,000+ Canadians

13.05.06|  CWA Canada announces winners of memorial scholarships

13.05.05|  Labour Reporting award winners expose injustice of unpaid internships

13.04.29|  The Newspaper Guild issues 80th Anniversary Book

13.04.23|  Striking radio workers welcome moral, monetary support of colleagues

13.04.19|  Harness public outrage, CWA Canada Director tells TNG Sector Conference

13.04.18|  La Presse+ a bold bet on profitability of quality journalism

13.03.21|  CP reporter wins $25,000 Travers fellowship

13.03.20|  Hillman Awards salute Canadian investigative journalism

13.03.18|  Departing Quebecor chief leaves 'sorry legacy' of gutted newspapers

13.01.30|  Canadian Media Guild seeks full-time office co-ordinator

13.01.01|  We will stand up, speak out, fight for common good in 2013


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