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2012 News Archives

12.12.03|  Skills development course big hit with union members

12.11.18|  Members' dues would fund Harper's back-door attack on labour organizations | Odious bill close to becoming law; anti-union groups press their case behind closed doors with high-ranking Conservatives

12.11.13|  Sun Media's cuts, closures a 'major blow' to Kingston Local

12.10.29|  Unpaid internships: a boon or a bane?

12.10.22|  Experience or exploitation? Conference ramps up debate on unpaid internships

12.10.17|  New contracts at Victoria Times Colonist reflect Glacier Media's devotion to quality journalism, local production

12.10.05|  Saint John's Stalwart Seven seize upon licence renewals as chance to improve local radio programming

12.10.02|  Leadership course open to all CWA Canada members

12.09.17|  CWA Canada offering free video editing training course

12.09.14|  Workers rally for fairness, equality at MBS Radio


Joseph Comeau photo
Photo: MBS pickets in Saint John
Gary Stackhouse, CMG MBS Saint John unit chair (left), was joined on the picket line
by CWA Canada Director Martin O'Hanlon (centre) and striking employee Paul Jensen.

12.07.25|  Guild strikers launch internet radio station

12.07.18|  Axing TV fund will hurt local programming, Guild warns

12.06.25|  Employees on strike at 3 Saint John radio stations

12.06.20|  Guild set to strike Monday at MBS Radio in Saint John

12.06.20|  Union salutes members winning media, journalism awards

12.06.15|  Pressure builds to 'break logjam' at Saint John radio stations

12.06.11|  Book commemorates Alberta Local's milestones

12.06.01|  Steven McLuskie / A colleague remembers Photo: Steve McLuskie

12.05.28|  'Bleak day for journalism' as Postmedia slashes dozens of newsroom jobs

12.05.27|  LESSON SESSIONS Photo: Union officers seminar
Leaders and activists from across the country were in Ottawa May 26-27 for a CWA Canada
seminar on the nuts and bolts of running a Local.

12.05.25|  $3,000 Gzowski literacy fellowship open to journalists, freelancers, students

12.05.15|  Staff at radio stations 100% in favour of strike to win first contract

12.05.14|  Canadian Broadcasting Consultations / Public rises to the challenge of shaping public broadcaster's future

12.05.01|  CWA Canada laces up the gloves / Fighting the Good Fight for the middle class

12.04.30|  Winners of Belcarz-Zeidler bursaries write about chemistry, social justice

12.04.29|  First CWA Canada / CAJ Labour Reporting Award goes to HuffPo journalist

12.04.10|  News, TV programming take biggest hits as CBC chops English services

12.04.04|  Federal budget cuts force CBC to slash 650 jobs, reduce original content, journalism

12.04.02|  Board certification brings Halifax news workers into union

12.03.29|  Federal budget threatens Canada's social and cultural fabric

12.03.26|  Members at Canadian Press ratify new contract

12.03.15|  Canadians asked to say NO to severe cuts to CBC

12.03.13|  Conservatives launch new attack on unions with 'grossly unfair' public disclosure bill

12.03.09|  Tentative deal struck at The Canadian Press

12.02.22|  Newsroom workers at Halifax radio station sign union cards

12.02.20|  Huge majority ratifies new contract at Halifax newspaper

12.02.12|  Executives back for another term at Moncton Local

12.02.10|  Strike vote spurs tentative deal in Halifax

12.02.06|  Hard bargaining in Halifax aided by strong strike mandate

12.02.01|  Union retirees condemn Harper attack on seniors

12.01.19|  $500 training grant for jobless members now an ongoing program


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