29 March 2005

Annual Guild award recognizes excellence in Local leadership

The Newspaper Guild — Communications Workers of America

TNG Canada members are encouraged to seek recognition for a volunteer among their ranks who provides outstanding service to his or her Local.

The annual Guild Service Award is open to members who serve in an unpaid capacity as Local officers or in other positions such as steward, unit officer or committee member. The candidate must be sponsored by his or her Local and nominated by the Local executive, representative assembly or a general membership meeting.

Nominations must be received at the headquarters of The Newspaper Guild by April 22 in order to be judged by the TNG-CWA Executive Council. The winner receives a scholarship of up to US$2,000 for a course in trade union education "appropriate to the winner."

Recent winners have attended residential courses lasting a week at the AFL-CIO's George Meany Labor Studies Center in Silver Spring, Maryland, but arrangements can be made for the winner to attend other appropriate labour-education courses in his or her area. The scholarship covers the cost of instruction, room, meals, lost time, etc.

Because its purpose is to recognize and develop Local leadership, the importance attached to the award by the Guild is second to no other. TNG-CWA's Sector Executive Council has urged every Local, especially the smaller ones, to give serious consideration to nominating someone "in order to make the contest a meaningful competition among deserving Local leaders."

Judges will be selected from among TNG-CWA vice-presidents.

Note that nominations must include or be accompanied by a detailed description of the achievements and qualifications of the candidate. Please review the rules as set out in the document below. In the past, some Locals have ignored eligibility requirements or neglected to provide information, with the result that judges had insufficient data on which to evaluate the candidate.

Download: Guild Service Award Rules.doc (Microsoft Word file)

Deadline: Friday, April 22, 2005

Mail nominations to:

Guild Service Award
The Newspaper Guild/CWA
501 Third St. N.W., 6th Floor
Washington DC 20001

Email nominations (with Guild Service Award in Subject Line) to: