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National Representative Council

CWA|SCA Canada is governed by its National Representative Council, composed of delegates elected by member Locals, which meets annually.

Spring 2016

Calgary AB

April 29 & 30


DEC 2015

(Forms can be faxed to: 1-613-820-8188)

March 4



Requirement of Locals to be in Good Standing

As per CWA|SCA Canada Bylaws, the National Representative Council shall consist of delegates from Locals in good standing. Any Local three (3) months or more behind in their dues, thirty (30) days prior to a National Representative Council meeting, will not be deemed to be in good standing. However, should a Local remit all owed dues anytime prior to the National Representative Council meeting, good standing status will be awarded.

Local Travel Subsidies

Locals consisting of 150 or fewer members or those Locals whose delegates must travel a great distance may request a travel subsidy. These requests must be submitted six weeks in advance of the meeting. Locals will be notified three weeks in advance of the meeting.

Certification of Delegates

As per CWA|SCA Canada Bylaws, local secretaries must ensure the certification of all delegates to the meeting. See “Certification Form” above.

Delegates & Observers Form

A list of all those planning to attend the meeting (either as a delegate or an observer) is to be mailed out prior to the meeting. Consequently, it is very important that you take the time to complete the Delegate & Observer Form (above).

Local Reports

Local Reports can be submitted to head office to be copied and included in the meeting kits, or they can be brought to the meeting for distribution. If submitting to head office, please do so electronically if possible.

Submitting Agenda Items

Locals may submit agenda items to head office for consideration by the National Representative Council. The items must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the meeting. The “Proposed Agenda” will then be circulated via email.

Proposing Bylaw Amendments / Revisions

All Locals are reminded that proposed bylaw amendments or revisions must be submitted to the CWA|SCA Canada office at least 45 days in advance of the meeting at which the proposal would be considered. Such notice will be circulated to all member Locals at least 30 days in advance of the meeting. (Proposed changes to the Bylaws of CWA|SCA Canada must come from the executive body of a member Local or the CWA|SCA Canada Bylaws Committee.)